Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel gift shop is home to unique collectibles and farmhouse country home decor. We are the premier store in Western Ky for the Fontanini Nativity collection.

Beautiful dolls adorn the walls at Wagon Wheel Gift Shop. Our assortment of Adora baby dolls and the variety of our exquisite porcelain dolls will take you back to being a little girl. We even offer their clothing and accessories.
NEW at Wagon Wheel is our retro section. Enjoy the good ole days again with I Love Lucy, John Wayne, with Scarlett and Rhett.
You will be enticed with the beautiful music boxes that are available for your listening pleasure. There is no better way to remember that special person than through music! Blended with our music boxes are retro pieces of your favorite movies and movie stars.
Wagon Wheel is home for the Fontanini collection. Fontanini is beautiful Italian made nativity pieces and inspirational items depicting the life of Christ. These pieces will make a wonderful gift to treasure and pass down from generation to generation.
Wagon Wheel offers Ne'Qwa ornaments and scented oil lamps. These hand-painted ornaments and lamps are beautiful additions to your Christmas collections or are memorable gifts for those special people in your life. Christmas is alive all year around here with beautifully decorated trees, wreaths, and unique ornaments and gifts

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