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Patti's BBQ Sloppy Joes


Happy Tuesday all! I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend. The settlement was just buzzing all weekend. Even with the rain that popped up occasionally, Patti’s was the place to be. Lots of great food, family and friends.

So yesterday, after all the good food all weekend, I wanted to do “just sandwiches”. Remembering the hamburger in the fridge I thought sloppy joes would be just the thing. Not just any sloppy joes. As always, I like to add a little extra flavor to whatever I make. Patti’s has an amazing BBQ sauce that adds just the right amount of spice and savory flavor to these sandwiches. I also added some sweet mini peppers and one of the last jalapeños from my garden.

Having some left-over bakes potatoes, those were sliced lengthwise and deep fried for some amazing fries. And feeling a dipping sauce was needed for these fries I mixed some of the Patti’s BBQ sauce with some sour cream and just a shake of cracked pepper. And lunch was a complete hit. Quick and easy, yet savory and satisfying. Just how we like it.

As usual I have attached a recipe card that can be printed if you would like to keep the recipe. And you can purchase Patti’s BBQ sauce at Patti’s 1880’s Settlement or on-line

Until Next Time,




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