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Patti's Caramel Apple Dip Mix


Good Tuesday Morning everyone. I hope everyone had a great week and weekend. I know I certainly did. But we will talk about

that next week, the story will go with the recipe then.

The numbers on the thermometer kept me inside with my coffee today. but what a beautiful day it is. The colors of the trees as the sun shines through the ever dwindling leaves, is just so pretty.

Now, today’s blog is not as much a recipe as a quick and easy treat that looks delicious and fun. The kid’s love this when I make it and it looks like I spent a lot of time preparing it when actually, I just threw it together. That’s why I always keep some Patti’s dip mixes around for quick fixes. This one just happened to be a sweet one. Patti’s Caramel Apple dip mix.

Besides the dip mix, all you need is some apples, a package of cream cheese, a tub of caramel fruit dip, crushed peanuts and sticks for apples.

Soften your cream cheese and mix with Patti’s dip mix and put in the fridge. Core and slice some of your apples for dipping. Put sticks in the apples you want to serve as caramel apple. Spread some of the caramel fruit dip on apples and using the stick to hold the apple, roll it in the crushed peanuts and sit on wax paper and chill.

When ready to serve, place the bowl of dip in the center of your favorite charcuterie board. Place sliced apples around the bowl. I also slice one or two of the caramel apples as well. Just makes it look so pretty. If you have some caramels, they can also be used for garnish. My grandkids just love these. And I hope the little ones in your life, as well as the older ones will enjoy them too. It makes this time of year just a little sweeter!

Until Next Time,




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