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Sawdust Moonshake


Here we are again. I hope you all enjoyed this hot weekend. Lots of people were here at Patti’s. They ate, played golf, they mined, they shopped. But most of all they had fun with their

friends and family. That is why we are here folks. For 45 years we have been that place

where people come to make memories. And we hope to continue to be that place for many more years to come.

Now, getting back to the hot weekend. I always try to find great tasting drinks to keep cool

during these sizzling summer days. And thankfully Patti’s had already provided me with my drink recipe for the weekend. Patti’s Sawdust Pie Moon shake. Yes, moon shakes. Made with Patti’s own Sawdust Pie Moonshine.

Making this an adult only treat. Cool, refreshing and oh so tasty. Patti’s moonshines add amazing flavor to so many food products and I will be sharing lot’s of those recipes in the

future. But today it is the Sawdust Moon shake.

As always, I have added a menu card for your convenience. I hope you enjoy this as much as

I have.

Until Next time,




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