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Banana Pudding With Sawdust Moonshine


Happy Tuesday folks. I hope everyone is happy and well on this chilly day. Maybe this weather will get settled into one season here before long. My closet is busting at the seams with having to keep all seasons in there at once. Oh but that’s another blog, Fashion Friday with Patti’s Glam Gals, aka Sydney.

But carrying on. As I said in my last blog post, March is our Moonshine Madness month. And as promised, another recipe

including our moonshine. And today is using one of my personal favorites and by the sales it must be a lot of peoples favorite, none other than Patti’s Sawdust Pie Moonshine.

One of Miss Patti’s most famous pies, that we were able to turn into a moonshine, thanks to the distillers at Silent Brigade

Distillery and their excellent flavor skills. This moonshine tastes just like the pie. If you for some reason haven’t had this pie, and you are wondering what sawdust tastes like, I will tell you. It is a coconut, pecan and graham cracker pie, topped with sliced bananas, whipped cream and more bananas. And it is a taste sensation. So much of a sensation, that years ago people wanted the recipe so badly that they enlisted the help of Bon Appetit Magazine to talk Miss Patti into sharing her recipe and it was her first published recipe in Bon Appetit Magazine in 1983.

Today, the pie and now the moonshine is as popular as ever, and once again I am going to add it to an old recipe and to give it an exciting new flavor. That’s right, I’m putting sawdust in your banana pudding. And I think you will love it.

Now as you know I always use the quickest ways to make my recipes. During the holidays I take the time to make my own egg custard, but most of the time I’m in hack mode, so vanilla pudding it is. Made as directed, I then make a graham cracker crust with real butter (Salted), about ¼ cup of sugar and throw in a splash, maybe an ounce of Patti’s Sawdust Moonshine. I press my crust into the dish, saving some to garnish to top, add a layer of sliced banana’s a layer of pudding another layer of bananas and another layer of pudding. I then take a container or thawed cool whip, add an 8oz container of whipped cream cheese add about an ounce and a half of Patti’s Sawdust Moon shine, whip together and spread across the top of pudding. I then sprinkle the remaining graham cracker mixture on top and pop in the fridge for about an hour. Serve and take a bow, This is a crowd pleaser for sure. Enjoy.

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