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Blueberry Fried Pies


Happy Wednesday everyone. Tuesday just flew by before I knew it. We had such a busy weekend here in Grand Rivers. It was the weekend of the 2nd annual Bluegrass, Brew & BBQ festival. This year’s special guest being Ricky Skaggs, there were people here from all over the country and some from other countries. Austria and Canada I know for sure. So with the weekend being so busy Monday and Tuesday were catch up days. Another one of those “life happens” weeks. So, we shall go with “Whatever Wednesday” instead of “Tasty Tuesday” this week. But Wednesday will be just as tasty.

While walking through River Birch Mercantile I saw we had been restocked on Stonewall Kitchen jam. I have used their jams so many times and the Wild Maine

Blueberry is one of my favorites. The different ways you can use this particular jam seem endless.

You can blend with cream cheese for bagels, mix with ice cream for the ultimate blueberry ice cream, add it to your pancake or waffle batter, add it to your muffin batter for some extra sweet blueberry muffins. Or you can do what I did this morning and make some quick, delicious fried blueberry pies.

And you know me, I love the quickest recipes. I had a box of premade pie crusts in the fridge. I rolled them out to make them just a little thinner, cut them out with a biscuit cutter and put about ½ tsp of jam in each one. Folded them over and crimped the edges with a fork and fried them to a beautiful golden brown. They were a pleasant dessert surprise for mom and Gene’s lunch. There are never leftover fried pies in this house.

Stonewall Kitchen has a wide variety of jelly and jam flavors and they are available at River Birch Mercantile. And Wild Maine Blueberry can be purchased online at

I hope you enjoy this quick little tasty treat as much as we did.

Until Next Time,




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