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Crustini With Dip


Happy Tuesday folks. I hope your day has gotten off to a good start. It is one of those hit the ground running days here. If you know much about Patti’s, you know we are gearing up for Patti’s Festival of Lights. Our Christmas lights bring thousands of people

to our little town of Grand Rivers each year. Our lighting ceremony is next Friday, so it is crunch time to say the least. And in between now and then we are also hosting Patti’s Pink Out. Our fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. Then we have Our Ugly Christmas Sweater “Booze N Brush” , The lighting

ceremony, then Christmas open House at the settlement. I’m sure you're getting the idea now. We are extremely busy. And thankful to be that way.

Which brings me back to roots of what this recipe blog was intended for. Quick, easy and delicious ideas. And today is a two for one. I actually used this one for our last Booze N Brush. It was quick but oh so yummy. Sundried Tomato Dip with homemade crostinis or crustinis. Either way you choose to spell it, it is delish.

All you will need is 1 package of Patti’s Sundried Tomato Dip Mix, 2 cups sour cream, a loaf of French bread, a bottle of dipping oil, I used “Herbes de Provence Dipping Oil, made by Stonewall Kitchen, and sold in River Birch Mercantile. (The flavor is incredible.) I used some sundried tomatoes and green onion for garnish.

I made my dip mix first and placed it in the fridge. You simply combine the package of dip mix with 2 cups sour cream, and you are done. Then, slice your French bread and place on a cookie sheet. Brush on the dipping oil and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes. Ovens will vary.

When your bread is done, place either on a serving platter or charcuterie board with your dip mix as the center. You will have a delicious appetizer and your kitchen will smell like a French

bakery for a bit. You just can’t beat that!!

I hope you enjoy this quick little recipe. And it comes in handy when you are in a pinch or just want to fix yourself a little treat.

Until Next Time,




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