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Miss Patti's Cookbook


Happy Tuesday folks. Hard to believe we are halfway through April already. I must be getting old because my mom always told me the older you get, the faster time passes. And it sure is flying by.

This year Patti’s is celebrating 46 years in business. 46 years of growth, change, tragedy and triumph. But through it all, even after her passing, after the fire and even through Covid, her dream has continued and is showing no signs of slowing down.

I was looking through Miss Patti’s cookbook this morning. If you have not read it, it really is a must read for any fan of Patti’s. It is full of recipes, but it is also full of the history of Patti’s.

One of Patti’s best recipes doesn’t even have to do with food. Building a business is a lot like making the best cake. You have to have all the right ingredients, you have lots of trial and errors, sometimes no matter what you do it doesn’t come out like you think it should. But you keep trying, you keep changing until you find that right mixture and then you keep making it better.

The most important ingredients in building Patti’s have always been its employees. Working here for 25 years I have seen so many come and go. Some working here while going to school, some meet here, get married and move away, well you get the idea. Not everyone is here permanently, but they all played a role in the making of what is Patti’s. Some were perfect additions, some were lessons, and many became lifelong friends.

It certainly takes a village, in life and in business. We learn and we grow.

And since I have spent so much time talking about life recipes, I will just suggest going to our website and checking out Miss Patti’s Cookbook. There are many wonderful recipes there.

And I will be back with another recipe next week.

Until Next Time,




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