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Moonshine Cake


Happy Tuesday everyone. What a wonderful weekend we had at the settlement celebrating Mother’s Day. It is our second busiest holiday if my memory serves me correctly. I just know the settlement was crowded with families, meals being shared, photo’s being taken, and memories being made. And that my friends, is a most wonderful day.

And today has been one of my favorite days as well. I put my first seeds and plants in my garden. I look so forward to having my own vegetables. I have yet to have a recall on anything that I grew myself. And that means a lot.

When I was at my house yesterday, I noticed my blackberries were blooming as well. Blackberries are good in so many things. And if you ever listen to our podcasts, “Peddlin’ Pork”, you know one of my favorite things is Patti’s Blackberry Moonshine. Mixed with some lemonade, it is my favorite summer drink. But that blackberry and lemonade combination is not just limited to a drink. A while back, Ann, Sydney and I did a little Facebook video of a really simple, but beautiful cake. This cake is perfect for summertime get togethers and it is just as yummy as it is pretty. I did include pics.

I used lemon cake, three round layers, butter cream icing, fresh blackberries, a few slices of lemon and of course, some Patti’s Blackberry Moonshine.

When making the cake layers, it called for 1 cup water, I used ¾ cup water and ¼ cup blackberry moonshine. And baked as normal. When the layers were done, and cooled, I was ready to start stacking. Placing the bottom layer on my cake plate. I mixed a couple of splashes of the moonshine in my buttercream icing and blended well, and added a thick layer of icing on the cake layer. Stacked the next layer and repeated with my icing. Added the 3 rd layer and garnished it with icing, fresh blackberries, a couple slices of lemon and some mint leaves. I also added the fresh fruit to the outer icing on the other layers and then drizzled the cake with blackberry puree. It is a visual treat as well as a tasty dessert. And it has always been a hit wherever I have taken it.

I hope you enjoy this cake hack and If you have some time for some podcast listening be sure to check us out. Go to and click on podcast.

Until Next Time,




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