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Patti's Blackberry Cobler


Happy Tuesday all!! I hope you all are enjoying this sunshine today. I have always said that I am solar powered, so this beautiful sunshine just has me ready to get this day started. What a week we have ahead. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Spending time with friends and family, and of course there is the food.

I remember when I was a little girl my mom would call and talk to her mother and her sisters to make a plan for Thanksgiving day. Who was making what, comparing recipes and so on. We would all go to grandma’s house and the magic would happen. All the men would go hunting while the feast was being prepared. The happiness and laughter rang through the house as my mom, grandma and aunts all worked together to make this delicious meal, as me and my cousins waited patiently. My grandma tasted everything and would add her own touches to each dish to make it perfect. I was too little to help then, but I knew one day I would be there with them and maybe one day I would be the Grandma in the kitchen.

Fast forward to now. I have called my daughters to make plans for the big day at Mom’s. Getting times nailed down and who is fixing what. I am so very thankful to be able to prepare another Thanksgiving meal with my mother. She is 95 and is limited to what she can do, but she is a wonderful taste tester and knows exactly what to tell you to add to make it just right. She is an amazing cook and I learn from her everyday. So she has prepared me well to be ‘the Grandma in the kitchen”. I am so thankful to be able to have my girls and their families here this Thanksgiving. Time with family is everything. And these are the days I look so forward to.

Thanksgiving at Patti’s is an amazing day as well. We just can’t say enough about our kitchen and all of our crew that works so

hard to make this day special for all of our guests. Can you just imagine cooking all these turkeys, hams and sides? And they make it all look so easy.

Remember to be extra kind to these workers this Thanksgiving. They sacrifice time with their families in order to prepare and serve an amazing meal for you and your family to enjoy.

Now I just can’t give you food for thought. I must leave you with a sweet treat. One that is a guilty pleasure for me. Especially after a long day of adulting. Sometimes you know you just need something very that takes the least amount of effort. Patti’s has a wonderful blackberry cobbler that comes in a jar. That’s right. Already made, just heat it up and eat it up. Last year when I finished with my tree and was wanting just a little something sweet. I happened across this in my cabinet. I heated it up and added a scoop of ice cream. I sat with just the lights of my Christmas tree and thoroughly enjoyed that cobbler. I didn’t even feel guilty about not waking my husband to have him share this with me. Sometimes you just need something for you. Plus there was some left for him for tomorrow. This cobbler is available in Yesterday’s at Patti’s. Or online at

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!




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