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Patti's Curry Chicken Salad


This December will mark 25 years since I moved from Alabama to Western Kentucky. I knew very little about the area other than my mother had moved here some years earlier. But here I was with my two daughters ready to see what this next chapter in our lives would bring


I asked around about the restaurants in the area, since I had experience as a server, that would be a good start in finding employment. Most everyone talked about a place called Patti’s. So I applied and waited a while for an interview as Christmas was their busiest season [little did I know how big], and they didn’t have time to train during that time.

But the following February I got that interview and got the job. Never thinking that nearly 25 years later I would be sitting here drinking coffee and writing a recipe blog for Patti’s. Well to be fair, at that time I don’t think I had even heard the word blog.

Now, when you become a server at Patti’s, you must train as a host, and in the salad room before you ever start training as a server. And while I was training in the salad room I made a most delicious discovery. In this large container was chicken salad like I had never seen before. They called it Curry Chicken Salad and it was amazing. I had a new favorite treat.

Over the years as menu items were changed it was taken off the menu and I had actually forgotten about it until yesterday. And so last night I got my chicken and other ingredients together and for the first time in years I had Patti’s Curry Chicken Salad. And it was just as amazing as I remembered. And so I am sharing this old classic with you today.

Now to make it like Patti’s did, you may just have to make you a trip to Patti’s and grab you a jar of their Kentucky Curry Salad Dressing. Did you know that you could buy your favorite Patti’s salad dressings at the settlement? Well now you do. You are welcome.

You will also need a jar of Patti’s poppyseed dressing as well. It gives it just a little needed sweetness. And 3 large skinless chicken breasts, celery, red onion, red grapes, pecans, mayo and salt and pepper.

Bake your chicken, let it cool, cut it into chunks and mix with all other ingredients in a large bowl. Chill in the fridge and serve.

If you like curry, you will love this. So, give it a try and let me know what you think.

Until Next Time,




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