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Patti’s Raspberry Jalapeno Jam Burger


Hello everybody. I hope it was a wonderful weekend for you. It was so busy here at the settlement. A lot of happy people eating, shopping and walking through the gardens. Taking pictures and making memories. We have been in the memory making business for 45 years now. And we love every minute of it.

As most of you know there was a time, after the fire, that it was a struggle to keep going since we had no way, or place to prepare the food that had made us famous for 40 years. In order to keep as many people working as possible the choice was made to purchase a food truck so that we could once again offer just a taste of the menu we had before. And like the old saying goes, “If you feed them they will come”. And so they did. Pork chops were going out the window just as quick as we could get them off the grill. And the memories continued.

Moving forward, the recipe I am sharing with you today was one of my favorite burger specials that we had during that time. It sold out every time we ran it and for good reason. It was loaded with so much flavor. Sweet heat spicy is the perfect description. It is our Patti’s Raspberry Jalapeno Jam Burger. I like to prepare them as sliders but you can make them any way you like and they will be just as delicious.

I always use Hawaiian rolls, their sweetness adds to the flavor. I slice them in half to make little buns, spread a little butter on them and put them on the grill until they are good and golden. Then I pat out small burgers, put them on the grill and sprinkle them with Patti’s seasoning. When they are finished place them on the roll. I add a thin layer of cream cheese, about a teaspoon on Patti’s Raspberry Jalapeno Jam, a couple thin slices of fresh jalapeno, add the little top bun and serve. Ya’ll the flavor is amazing. I’m sure they will become of favorite of yours as well.

You can purchase Patti’s Seasoning and Patti’s Raspberry Jalapeno Jam on line from Patti’s website. And as always I have included a recipe card that you can print.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe and make some wonderful memories sharing this and other meals with your family and friends.

Until Next Time,




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