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Roasted Red Pepper Butter Board


Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope everyone is well and happy. This is going to be a “Double Tasty Tuesday” since I missed last week. It was just one of those days when “Life Happened”. Yep, my Tuesday fell apart as quickly as my S.E.C. bracket. I had so much going on and sometimes you just have to sit back, take a breath and decide that there is only so many things you can do in a day.

But today you get two recipes one, being a refreshing spring and summer drink that finishes my Moonshine Madness series. And one is my version of a butter board. A very simple add on to any table. Sydney and I even shot a little video to show you how quick and easy these can be.

First the drink. Made with Patti’s Blackberry Moonshine. We call this one Blackberry Lemonade. Which most people just mix their lemonade with their moonshine and call it done. But you know me, I want it to be visually appealing as well as great tasting. So, if you can find an ice cube tray anywhere you are ready to try this. I was happy to find one in my mother’s garage. She has at least one of everything anyone could ever need.

What you will need for this drink is Patti’s Blackberry Moonshine, some of your favorite lemonade, some fresh blackberries and an ice tray.

Place two or three berries in each cube of the ice tray, then fill with lemonade. Freeze overnight. You can either serve these by the glass or make a pitcher. Either way the ice cubes add some fun color to your drink. And the best part of this ice cube hack, as the ice melts it adds flavor to your drink rather than watering it down. And it just looks so pretty. Cheers.

Speaking of pretty, these little butter boards can be as pretty as you want to make them. For this one I used 4 sticks of salted butter, ¼ cup red pepper flakes, added ½ cup of margarine and whipped together. Then spread it on your board and add your decorative and flavorful

toppings. On this one I chose roasted red peppers, chives and cherry tomatoes. And sprinkled just a little extra red pepper flakes.

These butter boards are so tasty. Whether savory or sweet they are a perfect accent to any table.

Until Next Time




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