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Smokey Dumplings


Happy Tuesday folks. I hope you had a most fabulous week. We have a busy week planned at the settlement. But that’s the way we like it.

Now when we are busy, I am always looking for time saving hacks when it comes to preparing meals. So, when the husband goes to his friend’s house to smoke chickens, you know I put in a request for one. And he came through.

I tasted the chicken the next morning and it was delicious. But when you are cooking for two people that are 95 you have to

be careful what you serve and the smoke flavor was relatively strong. With not much time to come up with a backup meal I decided to whip up some dumplings and add the chicken to the dumplings to cover some of the smoke flavor.

I didn’t have quite enough time to make dumplings as I normally would so my hack dumplings were on the stove.

When I say hack dumplings, I am talking about chicken broth and some biscuit mix. My clan has never complained about said dumplings. So, they are my “go to” in a pinch.

So, for my dumpling hack you will need 2 small boxes of biscuit mix, ¾ stick of butter, a large can of chicken broth and some shredded chicken.

Pour the broth in a large pan and bring to a boil. Prepare biscuit mix according to directions. Shred chicken and add to broth. With a wooden spoon drop biscuit dough into boiling broth and add butter. Reduce heat and let simmer for about 30 minutes.

Let me tell ya, smoked chicken and dumplings are just amazing. Might just be a new family favorite. You might want to give this quick treat a try.

Until Next Time,




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