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Smoking Pig Pork Loin


Hello again folks!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you have been enjoying our last days of summer. I love fall. It’s colors, flavors and bonfires. But I sure hate to see summer go. But whether it is summer, fall or any season, “One Pot Meals” are always my favorite things to prepare. They are such time savers and if you’re like me. That means a lot. As a caregiver nutritious and flavorful meals are a daily priority. For years my mother had fixed lunch for her neighbor and after lunch they work jigsaw puzzles. Then at 93 she fell and broke her hip while leaf blowing her driveway. Yes, you read that right. So in wanting life to be as normal as possible for her she remained at her home with me as caregiver. And I continued the lunch tradition. I found coming up with different meals everyday takes some creativity. So I started experimenting with different seasoning methods. And Patti’s dip mixes became one of my favorite “go to” items. And this recipe is one of my favorite.

I call it the “Smoking Porkie Pig”. Since the main flavor ingredient is Patti’s Smoking Pig Dip Mix. I use these dip mixes in many various ways. They are so full of flavor, I can’t just use them for dips. And for this recipe I use it as a rub and a sauce.

I washed and prepared all my veggies. Then used ¾ package of the dip mix as a rub for the pork loin. Placed loin and veggies in baking dish and baked at 350 for 3 hrs.

When it is finished, I take the stick of butter and melt it in a skillet and stir in the remaining dip mix for an extra punch of flavor.

I put it all together on a platter, have a salad ready and lunch is served!! Minimal cleanup and everyone one is happy.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do. And as usual, I have made a handy recipe card that you can print.

Until Next Time,




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