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Valentine's Day Hack


Happy Valentine’s Day All !!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

I got up early to much a nice lunch for my mom and her neighbor. And I had already decided what I was having for dessert. Valentines cupcakes have always been a favorite of mine. I just like seeing how I can change them up and make them even yummier than I did the year before.

We had a sip and shop event at River Birch Mercantile a bit ago and we had just started selling own line of moonshine. I mixed some of the moonshine in with the buttercream icing and oh were they good. I may or may not have even mildly soaked the cupcakes in the moonshine as well. They were so good and people seemed to enjoy them. But my mom would have a come apart if I ever brought anything in her house with alcohol in it, So I have to be very careful with my cupcakes where she is concerned.

So I noticed that Patti’s had another type of jams and jellies in Yesterday’s gift shop. And the Cherry Jam just spoke to me. How yummy would that jam be on top of a cupcake and then topped with buttercream icing. Tasty and safe to serve to my momma.

So this is more of a “hack” than a recipe. Because everyone has their favorite cup cake and icing recipe. So just make them as you normally would. But after they have cooled and right before you ice them, top those cupcakes with about ¾ tsp of Patti’s Cherry Jam. Then add that buttercream. Decorate as you like. That jam just adds so much extra flavor and they look amazing as well.

I hope you all have a very sweet Valentine’s Day.

Until next time,



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